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Get real-time access to your time and attendance data using Spectrum TimeClock. You can access your data from the cloud using the web browser on your PC, smart phone, or tablet. Hundreds of firms around the world rely on Spectrum TimeClock to make their employee time tracking and payroll tasks easier. Spectrum TimeClock is a mature stable system, continuously supported and improved since its release in 2004.

Calculate Overtime Correctly

Spectrum TimeClock frees you from doing all of your payroll time calculations. If you do payroll semi-monthly, it will do the necessary lookbacks to make sure employees get paid their overtime correctly - per 7 day workweek.

Spectrum TimeClock also supports the complicated overtime regulations that some States have. For example, in California, employees earn overtime after working 8 hours in a workday at their regular rate of pay, and they earn double-time after working 12 hours in a workday. Further complicating the matter, the 40 hour US Federal overtime regulation still applies there, and employees working 7 days straight in a workweek start at overtime on that 7th day.

If your firm has multiple locations in different states, each Employee Type can support different overtime rules. Spectrum TimeClock will allow you to run payroll batches for all employees, or you can run batches per Employee Type.

All of this can make payroll extremely difficult to calculate. Doing it wrong can open you up to State and Federal labor audits that carry stiff penalties if you don't get it right.

Job Costing

With Spectrum TimeClock, you can assign Pay Rate / Job Codes that employees can use to punch in for different tasks. You can then run detailed reports on how much time was spent on those tasks. If the tasks pay different amounts, Spectrum TimeClock will calculate earnings using the required weighted averaging for those hours.

Our Pay Rate / Job Codes support allows you to also setup paid breaks of maximum duration. If an employee gets a half hour paid lunch, and they take an hour, when they punch out of the paid lunch, their time can be automatically adjusted back to the paid half hour. You can view detailed data to see the actual punch times.

Limit Punching to Authorized Locations

Name and define authorized internet IP addresses that your employees can punch from. If your firm doesn't have static IP addresses at its locations, there is a second security mechanism that limits punching to only authorized web browsers.

Limit Managers to Their Own Subordinates

If you setup "Employee Groups" and define which employees are in which groups, you can then give your managers "Group Administrator" access to specific groups of employees. They can then add and edit the time clock punches of only their own subordinates.

Set Time Management Cutoff Dates

When you are ready to run payroll, eliminate confusion by limiting the punches that managers can add or edit to only those after a configured "Manager TimeCard Entry/Start Date".

Employee Certification of Hours / Manager Approval of Hours

Firms that need more control can use Spectrum TimeClock's "Employee Certification of Hours" feature. Managers can also approve all of the in/out punches an employee has worked. When it is time to run payroll, administrators can see if any punches aren't certified or approved, and handle the situation appropriately without any surprises.

Payroll Batches with Account System Export Support

Run payroll batches to take a snapshot of what all of the in/out punches in the system looked like at the time you ran payroll. Those batches can then be exported to many popular payroll systems.

Vacation/Sick Time/PTO Accrual

Track Vacation/Sick/PTO accruals and hours used. Each defined "Employee Type" can have different sets of accrual rules that kick on based on different lengths of employment. Accrual can be applied per Hour Worked, per Week, per Pay Period, per Month, per Year, or on an employees Employment Anniversary. Multiple accrual account types can be setup, like Sick and Vacation, or PTO alone is supported. Comp time is supported for Government operations.

Time Off Requests

Employees can request paid time off for Sick/Vacation/PTO days using our Time Off Request Module. Managers and Administrators can approve those requests, and the approval will generate the the related punches. Administrators can define "Time Off Block Dates" to prevent requests for days when everyone needs to be at work.

Employee Scheduling

Use our scheduling module to setup weekday schedule templates for each employee. You can then generate schedules for specific calendar dates that pull from those templates. Employees can use the clock to see what their schedules are.

Shift Differential

Spectrum TimeClock supports shift differential premiums. Let us know what your firm's shift differential pay rules are, and we will set the rules up for you. One set of rules can be defined, with special overrides for holidays. Those can then be enabled or disabled per employee type.

Employee Messaging

Use the time clock to let your employees know about events or information you want them to be aware of. Time Clock Face Messages can be displayed on all clocks, or you can limit a message to one or more specific IP addresses.

Separately, we've built a mini-email system into the service. Employees will see that they've got messages in their inbox when they punch in or out.

Automatic Midnight Punchout

When an employee forgets to punch out after a shift, things can get complicated. Our "Automatic Midnight Punchout" can be enabled to prevent their next "In" punch from being handled as the "Out" punch for their previous shift. Punches that are automatically punched out at midnight can then be edited by administrators and managers from an "Exceptions" menu.

We Don't Limit Your Data

Other services will limit the maximum amount of data in your clock by deleting your old punch data. We don't do that. If your database gets so large that it impacts your clock's performance, we can make a copy of your old data and we will put it in a read-only clock for you to access whenever you want.

Excellent Technical Support

Spectrum TimeClock is extremely reliable, so we don't have to spend technical support time explaining why our system doesn't work. That gives us more time to answer "How To" questions that you might have.


While Spectrum TimeClock has most of the features found in more expensive systems, we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Service for up to 10 employees costs $250.00 per year.

Let Spectrum TimeClock make your life easier.

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